kidzu museum

Did you know that as a Chapel Hill resident you can get passes to the Kidzu for free? Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation offers the benefits of a Kidzu membership through a daily membership card. The membership card can be reserved at Hargraves Community Center and the Chapel Hill Community Center. Residents can get the pass five times in a year.

KIDZU Children’s Museum, located inside University Place (formerly University Mall), is a hands-on museum dedicated to inspiring young children and the adults in their lives to learn through purposeful play. Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation is working with Kidzu to identify and develop mutually beneficial programming to support the community.

Benefits Include:

To borrow one of these complimentary membership cards for a day …

 Check availability and make your reservation request today!
Or call and visit: 

Chapel Hill Community Center
120 South Estes Drive
Telephone: (919) 968-2790
Hargraves Community Center
216 North Roberson Street
Telephone: (919) 968-2794